Melyssa Brown
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Strategic. Tenacious. Passionate.

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Melyssa Brown

When I was young, and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I'd have a different answer every month. Vet. Dancer. Physicist. Neuroscientist. Interior Designer. Teacher. Zoologist. I wanted to wear all the hats, and learn all the things. 

Years later, I'm still just as curious. 

And that's why my approach to any part of the marketing mix is holistic, insight-first and people-centric. Because the only way to genuinely arrest your audience is to know them - all of their quirks and interests - and illicit an emotional response. Only then, can you move the needle and make things happen, regardless of vertical.

I live in Brooklyn, NY with Ein, the best corgi a girl could ask for.